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Our Mission

In Dr. Falter’s Words

I believe people want as little dentistry as possible. To support that desire, I strive to provide the best dentistry available. I hold firmly that patient education and participation are the cornerstones of long lasting dentistry.

The only way to reduce the quantity of dentistry needed over a lifetime is to increase a patient’s awareness of the disease in their mouth, how it got there, and how to keep it from returning. In order to accomplish this goal, a complete and comprehensive exam with a full set of x-rays is necessary. I look at each tooth, do a tooth-by-tooth exam, and let my patients know exactly what I see.

It is my goal to provide my patients with information they can understand, so they can make informed decisions about the course of their own care that is compatible with their own goals for health.

I am here to provide excellent dentistry as a tool to achieve excellent health. The environment in this office is designed intentionally to promote respect and confidence, to reflect dentistry as safe and available. I am grateful for the privilege of helping those I can.”

Dr. Rohn Falter
President, Fairway Dental Care


Our mission is to help the people we serve achieve a higher level of self-esteem and well being by enhancing the appearance, comfort, and function of their teeth. To help our family of patients achieve an improved level of physical and oral health by providing the highest quality of dental care each patient can accept, that is consistent with their dental needs and value for oral health.


Our goal is to provide the people we serve with excellence in dentistry, to help them keep all of their teeth for the rest of their life in maximum health, comfort, function and appearance with minimum stress, discomfort and expense.

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