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IT’S NO LONGER LIKE THE OLD DAYS when it comes to denture technology, materials and fit. If your parents or grandparents had dentures, chances are they had a much different experience than what yours would be.

First of all, some people think that dentures, or partial dentures, are only for “old people”. False. While Dr. Falter does everything possible to save existing teeth, sometimes dentures are the best alternative—regardless of your age. You may be recommended full dentures if you’ve lost—or are in danger of losing—all of your teeth. However, if you only have some missing teeth with otherwise healthy teeth and gums, then partial dentures may be recommended. That way, we can utilize those healthy teeth for better support.

Dentures can make a huge difference in everyday life.

Dentures can help you eat normally and speak more clearly. One of the great things about today’s modern dentures is that they look and feel like natural teeth, and are made of the finest, modern dental materials. Dr. Falter spends an equal amount of time determining the proper fit and function and making them look natural. Each tooth is individually designed, positioned, and color matched for a “realistic” look that’s nearly always mistaken for one’s natural teeth.

A little trivia…

Despite what people commonly think, George Washington’s different sets of dentures were NOT made of wood. Materials at that time included hippopotamus ivory, gold pivots, springs, other people’s human teeth, cow’s teeth, and rivets.

One more quick thought…

Here at our practice, we work with the very finest dental laboratories to fashion your dentures—featuring premium, low-staining, long-lasting teeth with a strong, high-impact acrylic base. Don’t be fooled by the concept of “self-fitting” dentures which are often offered with discounting pricing. Chances are you’ll be very disappointed with them—and if they hurt, you won’t want wear them. They can also lead to other oral health problems because of their improper fit.

Speaking of improper fit… Do you mind if we have a little fun for a minute?

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