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THERE ARE SEVERAL REASONS WHY PREVENTIVE DENTAL CARE AND MAINTENANCE on your teeth and gums is so important…Dr. Rohn Falter reminds all his patients that devoting small amounts of attention to your teeth and gums will help you keep your smile for life. We want you to be proud of what the rest of the world sees when they look at you, but it isn’t just about the way you look—it’s also about your health and the way you feel.

Daily maintenance through proper brushing (for at least 2 minutes), AND correct flossing techniques dramatically reduce your risk of gum disease. However, if you bite into a bagel and accidentally loose part of your filling, Dr. Falter will be right there to help. Aside from these unforeseen troubles, the biggest factor in your oral health is simple maintenance.

That’s right, we say it all the time: Come in for regular check-ups and cleanings!”—but there’s  A LOT more in it for you than just a free toothbrush.

Studies are continuing to link your oral health to your overall health, making visiting Dr. Falter just as important as visiting your family doctor.

Oral cancer and gum disease aren’t the only health issues can manifest themselves initially in your mouth. Visiting Dr. Falter regularly can help catch potentially larger problems before they get out of hand—problems you may not even realize you have!

For Dr. Rohn Falter, mouths are life so he knows when something isn’t right in there. Be sure to keep those regularly scheduled visits with him and his team because it is our goal to keep you healthy. Dr. Falter’s patients appreciate that, and often express this to our team.

Whoopie’s right. Gum disease, also known as periodontal disease, is deadly. In case you missed her appearance on The View, she talks about her experience with gum disease and tooth loss below:

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